Sharif Oil and Gas Smart Measuring Systems Technology Services Office

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr Vahid Taghikhani
Phone +98021-66166235
Address unit 215, sharif technology services complex, shaif university of technology


Sharif Oil and Gas Smart Measuring Systems technology services office was established under management of professor Vahid Taghikhani as full professor at petroleum and chemical engineering department of Sharif University of Technology (SUT) and also adjunct professor at Rice university in cooperation with top graduates of petroleum, chemical and electrical engineering from SUT. Transportation and development of state of the art technology in order to fulfill the demands of the country industrial society specially oil and gas industry is the main purpose of this office. The developed technologies  by this office are designed to cut down high expense enforced to the countries’ industry. Remarkable to say, most projects have been done by this office are unique in the country which can be implanted in few industrialized countries.

Expertise& Abilities:

Technology development and manufacturing high-tech facilities, oil and gas flow assurance consultative, research, simulation and advanced laboratory services. Design, engineering and manufacturing smart instrumentations.

Products &Services:

Technology Development for Real Time Asphaltene Monitoring module ordered by PEDEC.

Project of Heavy Oil Upgrading for Oil Fileds in West of Karoon ordered by PEDEC.

Smart scale deposition monitoring module ordered by POGC.

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