Sharif Desalination, Wastewater, Mineral and Energy Recovery Technology Services Office

Tech-unit information
Manager Bijan Rahimi


Our group focuses on desalination and related areas of wastewater recoveries. We also seek to recover industrial waste heat for the aim of producing freshwater. We aim to develop economical solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of desalination processes. We do this by brine management and minerals recovery from saline waters.

Expertise & Abilities:

Research, consulting, engineering services, design, and implementation of pilots in the following areas:

– Desalination

– Renewable Desalination

– Dual-Purpose Desalination Plants

– Energy recovery for desalination and wastewater treatment

– Salt recovery from saline waters

– Air Water Generators (AWG)

– Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems

– Measurement and control systems in desalination processes

– Corrosion and Erosion in desalination processes

– Environmental impacts on desalination processes

Products & Services:

  • Industrial waste heat recovery for desalination (A 5000 litre/day pilot plant has been set up in collaboration with a European company and a local manufacturer);
  • Portable solar desalination plant (A 400 litre/day pilot plant has been designed)
  • Desalination for agriculture purposes
  • Photovoltaic reverse osmosis desalination processes
  • Dual-purpose solar thermal desalination systems (in collaboration with a European company)


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