Content Management Systems Technology Office

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr. Mohammad Sharifkhani
Phone Dr. Mohammad Sharifkhani, Mohammad Reza Kabiri, Seyyed Mahdi Hosseini
Address No. 408, Technology Services Complex of Sharif, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, Tehran, Iran.
Website http://


Content Management Systems Technology Office focuses on internet-based content delivery systems in order to expand online content consumption ecosystems. Generally Hardware, Software, and content delivery systems require content management systems (CMS) to monitor and organize their performance. Another mission of the Office is to create and provide hardware and software to end users to access online content faster and with higher quality.

Expertise& Abilities:

Content Aggregation Systems Development

Content Delivery Software and Applications (web-based and Android TV)

Development of Transmission and Receiving Hardware for Internet-based connections

Products &Services:

Netbox OTT set-top-box

Filmland (VoD)

V-Amooz (Educational VoD/Streaming Service)


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