Sharif Social-Cognitive Robotics Technology Services Office

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr. Ali Meghdari
Phone +98 021-66166321
Address No. 403, Sharif Technology Services Complex, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In 2013, the Social-Cognitive Robotic Laboratory was established by Professor Ali Meghdari, Director of the Center of Excellence in Design, Robotics and Automation (CEDRA), in collaboration with Dr. Minoo Alemi, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at IAU-West Tehran Branch, in the school of mechanical engineering at Sharif University of technology. The lab started its research activities with the goal of promoting social and cognitive robotics in Iran and has achieved notable outcomes in the design, construction and applications of social robots in Iran. The “Social-Cognitive Robotics” technology service office is established with the aim of expanding the research activities of the multidisciplinary social-cognitive robotics group and promote application of our products and services in the society.

Expertise& Abilities:

  • Robotics related to Health, Clinical, Education & Entertainment
  • Social Robotics
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Image Processing
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Haptic Devices and Applications

Products &Services:

  • The Arash social robot for using in the children clinical environments
  • The Rasa social robot for teaching sign language to deaf children
  • Applying smart tools (social robot, virtual reality, …) for rehabilitation of autistic children
  • Applying smart tools (social robot, virtual reality, …) for teaching foreign languages to children