Sharif Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

Tech-unit information
Manager Mr. Sina Hassanalizadeh
Phone +98 21 66166301
Address No. 301, Sharif Technology Services Complex, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.


This program has been established to fulfill these following items:

  • Venture capital financing for projects whose technical knowledge has been developed properly and there is a significant demand in marketplace.
  • Elimination of financial and legal risks from research activities, which done by faculty members.
  • Introduction of Sharif University of Technology (SUT) as an excellent, efficient and trustworthy research and development department to industry
  • Establishing the collaboration and working relationship between industry and our researchers and faculty members.
  • Observing the demand of marketplace and thus interaction and collaboration with target industries.
  • Generating a permanent income through transferred technology licenses developed in university.
  • Establishing a department which provides technology marketing services.

Expertise & Abilities:

This program offers these services:

  • Financial support for prototype production.
  • Providing the legal services such as patent registration, consultation in diverse related affairs, etc.
  • Providing commercial services and preparation of business plan and then negotiation with investors.
  • Facilitating the process of obtaining the required licenses.

Products & Services:

Sharif University TTO has collaborated with faculties and researchers and partnered with industry.

  • Assessment of many projects, fulfilled and developed by faculty members.
  • Transfer of some of existing technologies, fund raising and then establishing companies held in common with the project owners.