Sharif Entrepreneurship Center

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr.Behnam Talebi
Phone +98 21 66166303
Address No.303, Sharif Technology Services Complex, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Sharif Entrepreneurship Center was founded in 2000 as the first entrepreneurship center in Iran.

From its beginning, this center has been involved in various activities in terms of research, human resource development, workshops and different promotion programs. The main mission of this center is to promote an entrepreneurial spirit among students, professors and also graduates of university and improving general and technical knowledge about business and optimizing the use of abilities of members of Sharif university`s society in order to develop knowledge-based businesses.

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Sharif entrepreneurship center has divided its main activities into two major groups “cultural development and promotion” and “developing the abilities and capabilities of entrepreneurship”. Here are some of the most important activities of this center in these two groups.

  1. a) Cultural development and promotion
  • Notification and introduction of entrepreneurship center on its site (
  • Publishing “TOP entrepreneurs” book series annually (eight books have been published and experiences of 240 entrepreneurs of graduated students of SUT were documented).
  • Compilation of technical books in terms of entrepreneurship.
  • Assisting the annual “job fair”
  • Assisting Sharif magazine in introducing and notifying about activities of this center.
  • Supporting the entrepreneurship events.
  1. b) Developing abilities and capabilities of entrepreneurship
  • Holding different regular courses related to entrepreneurship and business development.
  • Holding an annual Sharif Business Development and entrepreneurship festival (VCCup).
  • Entrepreneurship Consultation services
  • Developing the job skills (career school): evaluating and teaching job skills.
  • Entrepreneurship tours
  • Founding a technical library of entrepreneurship (Books and CDs).