Sharif Career School

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr.Behnam Talebi
Phone + 98 21 66166305
Address No.305, Sharif Technology Services Complex, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Sharif Career school is a place for students to learn more about themselves and understand their inner potentials in order to choose a better career for their future. Moreover, students will learn the essential working skills and have a chance of working in some of the most well- known companies in Iran.

Sharif career school was founded to decrease the gap between students’ competencies and job market’s demands to help students find their unique and customized path in job market and take experience of working atmosphere.

Expertise & Abilities:

The Career School is an educational and a consultancy program which is designed for students in a way that they can participate in its activities when they attend their classes at university simultaneously. The program consists of three phases:

First Phase: Self-Knowledge

In spite of what many people think, most job dissatisfactions aren’t due to misunderstanding of the job market, but they are rather because of little self-knowledge.

At the first steps, we coach in career school, help students to analyze themselves. During this phase the students can find out about their hidden talents, competencies, interests, and the type of characterization with the help of the most prominent and science-based psychological tests and methods. Ultimately, they will be able to discover their suitable job modeling.

Second Phase: Skill Learning

One of the most important challenges for students who want to join the job market is that the essential working skills which they have not been taught in schools and universities. On the other hand, job market expects inexperienced people to be familiar with the main principles of working atmosphere including soft skills, team- work, and self-discipline.

Third Phase: Internship course

At the end of the second phase, and with the help of school’s consultants, students are able to choose an appropriate place for themselves in real job market and start a period of an internship course.

Products & Services:

  • Design and Presentation of Career-based Self-Knowledge Program includes basic needs, talents, competencies, professional type, professional style, and professional path.
  • Consultation and coaching for individuals and groups for designing their career paths.
  • Design and presentation of professional skills are categorized in five groups:
  • Self-efficacy: Skills for efficiency in workplace.
  • Interaction with colleagues: Skills for communicating professionally.
  • Interaction with organization: Skills for adaptation with workplace.
  • Professional Path: Skills for achieving ambitious goals.
  • Life Style Management: Skills to provide life-work balance.
    • How to write a resume and a professional profile.
  • To provide psychological consultation services to individual and professional life.
  • To provide human resources consultation services to organizations and companies.
  • To provide professional consultations and to coach the start-ups.
  • To provide internship opportunities for students and graduates.