Sharif Accelerator

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr.Hamed Kashani
Phone +98 21 66166249
Address No. 401, Sharif Technology Services Complex, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.


Sharif Accelerator is an organization whose chief mission is to accelerate Sharif University’s startups — teams, with at least half of the cofounders of them should come from Sharif University of Technology (SUT) — by providing them with seed money, mentorship, educational workshops, work space and access to community of entrepreneurs; no charge or equity is taken in return for these services. The acceleration process for each team takes from two to six months. The primary way to join our program is through the SETAK platform.

Goals and mission:

  • Removing the obstacles on the way of launching a startup including lack of financial resources and or lack of knowledge.
  • Reducing the primary-stage risks of starting a business.

Expertise & Abilities:

  • Supporting IT and ICT-based ideas by providing them with:
  • Around 7000 $ as a seed money.
  • Work space at Sharif Technology Services Complex at SUT.
  • Basic required trainings
  • Mentorship by community of entrepreneurs and knowledge based companies.
  • linking with investors for the next level
  • Sharif Accelerator accepts teams working in the fields of:
  • Financial Technology (Fintech)
  • Media and content
  • Smart advertisement
  • Education
  • Social Network
  • Games and Entertainment

Products & Services:

Some Successful startups of Sharif accelerator are:

  • Navvak is an online music streaming service which gives an access to a wide variety of Persian songs.
  • Torob is a smart search engine that sorts online stores by the prices they offer.
  • Goodzila is focused on educating the children through entertainment and games.
  • Netray is a platform of diverse online contests and opinion polls in which the concepts of gamification are put to use.
  • HodHod is an instant messaging service for mobile phones whose features include: smart ad-blocker, stickers, etc.


Other accepted teams are:

Hamtag – Chichikoo – SalamCinama – Quera – Khaterak – Boojik Studio – Karobar – Dideo – Fitshape – Nivad – Leogames – Hampa – Ostad Bank – Padpors – Hexino – Pezeshk-e Khoob – NegAr – Madrese – Cheetar – Fingerano – sana – salamat360 – Che joori – Taskook – Rate Ostad  – caféKart – AsanCook – Mashin Bazi – Vidofilm – Fibz – Quantcan