Sharif Technology Services Laboratory in High Voltage Power Electronics

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr. Shahriyar Kaboli
Phone +98 21 66165944
Address Electrical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


This Laboratory was established to focus its efforts on the design and implementation of the high voltage power supplies. These power supplies have applications in the vacuum electronics. Vacuum tubes are the most important part of some industrial processes such as medical accelerators and food industries.

Expertise & Abilities:

  • Design and implementation of high voltage DC power supplies
  • Design and implementation of high voltage pulsed power supplies
  • Precision power supplies
  • Reliability calculations in power supplies

Products & Services:

  • Insulation test based on IEC
  • Precision measurement of high voltage transient
  • Conducted EMI based on IEC
  • Characterization of magnetic cores
  • Measurement of transformer parameters
  • Protection test for power supplies
  • Ripple test for power supplies