Sharif Design and Development of Digital System Technology Services Office

Tech-unit information
Manager Dr. Mehdi Shabany


In order to promote theoretical training and practical design of digital systems, this office holds the regular specialized courses in this field in different levels.

These courses are held by well-experienced instructors for the well-known products of companies, such as XILINX, ALTERA, SYNOPSYS, and CADENCE.

The most unique feature of these courses is that they teach learners about the practical techniques and effective design strategies with practical experience on real FPGA boards.

Expertise & Abilities:

  • Implementation of processing hardware algorithm in technology fields
  • Setting the telecommunication standards
  • Developing and setting the needed software in IT field

Products & Services:

  • Monitoring survival signals equipment in medical engineering applications.
  • Digital receivers.
  • Setting the hardware of different Telecommunication blocks.